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Correspondence received from Eden Brae Homes & Home Option Gallery

Today we received correspondence from Samantha Skrzypiec, Customer Service Administrator at Eden Brae notifying that she has received our file and that it will be inactive for a few months, primarily due to the land not being registered at the moment.

BASIX cannot be done at the moment as it is only valid for 3 months so it won't be until February at the earliest before they can look at getting BASIX approval.

In addition, we received an SMS and an email from Carolyn Maher at the Home Option Gallery and that the colour appointments must be done no later by the end of February 2017 for our new home.

For the Home Option Gallery, we have been asked to put aside 2 days where:
Day 1 involves being scheduled through Kitchens, Plumbing, Air, Blinds , and of course colours . This is all day appointment.
Day 2 is usually booked by the consultant at the completion of Day 1 and involves consultations with Dilorenzo tiles, Electrical, and stairs.

Signing of Building Contract

Building Contract Day has arrived!

Met with Sara Amorelli today at 2pm to sign the Building Contract and in addition we went through the plans to see if there were any errors whatsoever.

Added and changed the following as a Post Contract Variation:

2 x Flush panel hinge doors - One for the Laundry Storeroom and the other was for the BED 1 Walk-In-Wardrobe (WIR);Delete the 'Manhole' to the garage;Relocate of the air conditioning unit;Relocate Gas Hot Water System;Relocate the 4000L rain water tank;Change the size of the aluminium sliding window for the Home Theatre;Deleted the aluminium sliding window for the Laundry and replaced with an aluminium awning window; andBED 1 Balcony Slide Door replaced with French Windows.
Cost of the Post Contract Variation: $2,356.00 (This amount is to be paid at a later date)
Balance of the 5% deposit was also due today, totalling $28,065.40

Once we were all done, we decided to have a selfie with our Tender and Contract Presenter Sara Amorelli as…

Draft Building Contract Recevied

Received the draft building contract today from the Tender and Contract Presenter Sara Amorelli.

Reminded that balance of 5% is due upon signing Building Contract.

2 Days to GO before signing the Building Contract.

Draft Plans Received

This is getting exciting now!  Seeing the plans for the very first time on our proposed block makes it so surreal that we are really moving forward with this project.
Although the interior of the building remains unchanged from the tender, we discovered the air-conditioning unit would be placed at the back of the home theatre, hopefully we can change the location when we bring it up when we get to the Building Contract. A few bits and pieces, but essentially the layout is there for us to see.
Blessed to see a backyard of almost 11 metres!  Looks like the kids are going to have a wonderful time at home knowing they have a huge backyard.

Tender Appointment

Today we met Sara Amorelli our Tender & Contract Presenter at Eden Brae Homes at Norwest Business Park this morning.

We went through the preliminary plans and how the building will sit on the land based on the information from the developer as well as the tender which tells us what is included and what isn't included into the pricing.  As we are building a Home & Land Package with Eden Brae, the process is so much easier as they cover almost everything and if there is anything that they have to cover in terms of extra costs, they are to absorb the charges.

We apparently got a few things for free which we didn't expect.  When we met Kevin at Homeworld Kellyville a few weeks earlier we included the cost for the fly screens, however because the property has been rated BAL 12.5 which is on the lower scale of a fire prone area, they are apparently included in the fixed price for the building.

We added doors to all the WIR and Ensuites in the home.  We still had to pay a few…