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Disaster Strikes at Dilorenzo Tiles!

After an entire month of waiting for our final quotation costs for Dilorenzo Tiles, I decided to make contact with them after their long break over the Christmas and New Year break was over and was heartbroken to be advised by Dani Caruana, the Castle Hill Showroom Manager that Anna who looked after us at our appointment has left and did not hand in our file.

She delivered the bad news to me this afternoon to advise that we would need to come back in to choose all our tiles again.

We contacted James Treble with the bad news.  In actual fact, we were really surprised that he took it well and advised us not to panic.  We agreed to meet up on the 31 January 2017 at Dilorenzo Tiles to go through the process again.

Happy New Year to our Interior James Treble and of course to the Eden Brae Home Staff

We both just returned from Japan and the Hunter Valley and we brought back many bottles of wines from the Hunter Valley.

Being a very big year ahead we decided to treat the Eden Brae Home staff for those who have helped us along the way to date Pepper Trees Wine's Purple Mist, a sparkling Shiraz.

For James Treble, we brought back a gift which we sincerely hope he will share with family and friends rather than drinking it alone.